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Though after Hiro Mashima tossed that bombshell, he sent the story into another adventure with a disbanded Fairy Tail: guild master gone missing, guild mates scattered across the continent, Natsu just returning from a two year long training by himself in the wilderness basically pulled a Naruto and teaming up with a semi-depressed Lucy, who was a reporter by that time, and had been keeping tabs on everyone in the hopes of the guild reforming.
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Univers de Fairy Tail. Œuvres Manga: Fairy Tail Liste des chapitres: 1 re partie, 2 e partie, Fairy Tail Zero, Liste des séries dérivées, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Anime: Fairy Tail épisodes. Films danimation associés Film: Fairy Tail, le film: La Prêtresse du Phœnix Fairy Tail, le film: Dragon Cry.
A Fairy Tail Ending: Do Natsu Lucy Get Together?
And for disappointed NaLi shippers, Lisanna can still be considered to be Natsu's' first love, while the open ending regarding his current romantic life leaves room for any shipper's' fantasies. KEEP READING: Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest: 10 Best Things So Far That We Want In The Anime.
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View All Credits. Fairy Tail Ending Lyrics. Ooh yeaaah Nada da da dada We ride off into the sunset Hands up like eyyooh Like it's' the end of a movie All my worries fade out You grab my hand and pull me in When I was waaay out Don't' need the peanuts Or Cracker Jacks I don't' if we ever get back 'cause.'
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Par natsug098, il y a 4 ans.: faire tail est maintenant je pense terminer pour de bon je vien de voir l'épisode' et makarof a dit kil souhaitait dissoudre fairy tail, il a également ajouter envoler vous mes petites fée fairy tail reste un de mes manga préféré je suis dégoûter.
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The artist sat down to answer fan questions during a few of the events, and it was during one that Mashima said he had little foresight into Fairy Tail' '' s ending. According to YonkouProductions on Twitter, Mashima told the crowd via a translator that he" didn't' plan the ending of Fairy Tail at all."
fairy tail ending
Saisis toutes les choses que tu souhaites avoir., Et donne sans retenue toutes les choses que tu souhaites avoir. Continue de vivre en obéissant à la voix invisible. Cachée à l'intérieur' de ton inconscience. Vas-tu guider tous les contes indésirables.
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In Fairy Tail, Natsu may be the one to defeat the final villain, but getting there has always required the full might of the Fairy Tail guild. When Gray, Erza, Laxus, Gildarts, and other wizards show up, they make a difference.
'Fairy' Tail Creator Thanks Fans; 100 Year Quest Teased.
- TVアニメ FAIRY TAIL 公式 fairytail_PR September 28, 2019. The Fairy Tail manga continued with the official sequel called Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest that picks up from this ending and see Natsu and his friends taking on their most difficult job so far.

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